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Our Features

Customer Support

Email and ticket based support is available.

Mobile Compatible

Phone and Tablet compatible.

Unlimited Storage for Readings

Store as many as one reading per day, per meter.

Metric and Imperial

Support for different meter types.

Gas, Electricity and Water

All your meter readings in one place.

Visualise Usage

Data is easier to understand when you can see it as a graph.


  • How much does this service cost?

    This service will remain completely free.

  • How is this different to the usage printed on my bill?

    In a perfect world the usage given here will be similar to the one on your utility bill.
    The difference is we can show you your usage for different periods of time.

Our Vision

We want to help everyone understand their energy usage by showing your data visually.

With enough readings you'll get a pretty accurate view of your usage.

Once you have actual data you can compare utility providers based on real usage.

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